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In 1980, Shihan Ritchie Noblett 8th Dan founded the Welsh Bushi-Kai (School of Warriors) Karate Association. The founding of the association was a pivotal point in the development of Karate in Wales. The Welsh Bushi-Kai quickly became known throughout the UK as a force to be reckoned with on the tournament circuit, due to the quality and discipline of its’ fighters, and for the high standards of karate within the association.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai continues to hold its reputation for producing top-class Karate competitors. Our Karate students have won Championships in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland and the USA – not to mention a host of Welsh National and British Championships.

We are a very modern association, and place a great emphasis on tournament/sport karate. But, despite this “competitive edge”, we insist on instructing our students on all aspects of traditional Wado-Ryu Karate. We are well aware that not all of our students wish to compete. Students have the opportunity to become proficient at self-defence through learning the application (bunkai) of techniques. Karate training is also an excellent method of developing physical fitness through aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

The Welsh Bushi-Kai is an Independent Karate Association that puts the needs of its’ students first, and we are fully committed to developing Karate from Grass Roots Level right the way through to International Competitive Standard. Through our Karate heritage (friendships built up over many years) we have access to Local, National and International Competition as well as the opportunities to attend seminars and courses without restrictions.

Our Founder, Shihan Ritchie Noblett, sadly passed away in November 2009 but has left an incredible legacy. Everyone at the Welsh Bushi-Kai is dedicated to continuing his work in providing first class tuition in Karate in a relaxed, safe, friendly environment and to promoting the art of Karate in Wales. 

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Margam Bushi-Kai Karate Club opened its doors in January 2019 at Ysgol Cwm Brombil. Although the club hasn’t been open very long, it has grown very quickly and is consistently growing, with students ranging from 6 years old to adults. The Club is headed up by Jordan Hopkins 4th Dan, alongside Morgan Phillips 3rd Dan and Ruby Davies 2nd Dan. We are dedicated to passing on our knowledge of karate set by the highest standard of Shihan Ritchie Noblett 8th Dan.

Sensei Jordan Hopkins 4th Dan started karate in October 1996 at Cwmafan Bushi-Kai Karate Club under the instruction of Nigel Taylor 6th Dan. Jordan continues to train and teach at his childhood dojo. Jordan has gained unmeasurable experience, numerous titles and vast knowledge over his 25 years of participating in karate. From training with legendary instructors within the WBK, Ritchie Noblett and Nigel Taylor to karate royalty Junior Lefevre and Wayne Otto both numerous times World Karate Champions. Jordan is not quite ready to retire and continues to compete on the competition circuit, where he has won numerous accolades over the years and across the world. He has a real passion for coaching and developing WBK students to compete in both Kata and Kumite at the highest level. Jordan was awarded his 4th Dan at his childhood dojo (a rare occasion) in September 2018 and was appointed as WBK Chairman in January 2019, taking over from Nigel’s successive time in the role.

Morgan Phillips and Ruby Davies both have followed in Jordan’s footsteps, starting their karate journeys at Cwmafan Bushi-Kai Karate Club under the instruction of Nigel. Morgan and Ruby have developed into exceptional karate-ka in the dojo and on the competition circuit. Both are hugely talented fighters and have won numerous titles across the UK and abroad. Morgan gained his 3rd Dan in April 2022, becoming a Sensei within the association and being the first karate-ka to complete our new 3rd Dan Syllabus. Morgan displayed exemplary karate and has set the highest of standards for all future 3rd Dan Gradings. Ruby successfully gained her 2nd Dan in April 2022, along with her team mate, Robyn Davies. Both demonstrated an excellent standard of karate, discipline and respect. Morgan and Ruby have become excellent instructors supporting Jordan at both, Cwmafan Bushi-Kai and Margam Bushi-Kai, and are highly respected and admired by all students within the clubs.

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