Welsh Bushi-Kai are back!

Training to resume indoors from Monday 24th August.

Returning to our dojo's will be different and we must adapt to our new ways of training.

Policies, procedures and club-specific information can be found via our COVID-19 Info tab or Facebook Group.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to welcoming our members and new members to our dojo's once again.



Main areas of focus:

  • Follow the sequences.

  • Concentrate on your stances.

  • Study my hand/foot positions.

  • Build on speed and strength afterwards.

Find the videos via our Facebook Group.

Fingers crossed we will be back in the dojo soon and back to doing what we do best! 

Stay Home, Stay Safe and Stay Active!


WBK Statement: Coronavirus

In light of recent events and issues regarding Coronavirus, we are constantly assessing the situation and monitoring the guidance from Public Health Wales.

We have made the tough decision to close all clubs for the foreseeable future. The WBK is one of if not the best Association around for its standards of karate, discipline, resilience and toughness but also for it’s duty of care and responsibility. Hence why this decision came easy as ultimately the safety and well-being of our WBK community come first.

To all of our dedicated karateka, keep practising and maintain a good level of fitness. All we can ask is for you to do your best in this difficult time. We want to avoid our returns being obstacles.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support. Stay healthy and safe in this uncertain time.

Jordan Hopkins

WBK Chairman

For clarity all clubs are closed until further notice:

· Cwmafan Bushi-Kai

· Margam Bushi-Kai

· Baglan Bushi-Kai

· Neath Bushi-Kai

· Gilfach Goch Bushi-Kai

· Llandeilo Bushi-Kai

· Swansea University Karate Club

Kyu Grading - March 2020

Congratulations to all of our students from across the Welsh Bushi-Kai for successfully passing their Kyu Grades this morning. Fantastic to see such a busy grading at our new venue. Well done to our Brown and Black belts on completing the Sanbon Gumite course.


A special mention to those students who jumped their first grading, White Belt to Yellow Belt (8th Kyu) - superb achievement!

Thank you to our instructors and assistant instructors for your help once again. Thank you to all the families and friends for your support!

Jordan Hopkins

WBK Chairman



Welcome to 2020!

Training starts back tonight, usual times! Looking forward to seeing you all and smashing all the opportunities we have coming up this year!

I will be posting out some social media posts over the next couple of days to recruit new members, we would greatly appreciate it if you could like, share, repost etc.


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